Longview is a beautiful town with fantastic parks, trees, and people and has a rich historic past and a bright prosperous future.


The most pressing issue facing our community is public safety. Last year (2018) Longview Police Department lacked the staffing to respond to 8,884 public requests for help. My top priority will be to ensure adequate manpower for our law enforcement and provide the support they deserve.  


It is imperative that we use our resources in a coordinated effort to reduce homeless in Longview. I will work with Law Enforcement, Churches, and Non-Profits to develop a streamlined and efficient approach to handling the chronically homeless people on our streets and in our parks.


In addition, I will work to remove barriers that prevent businesses from creating family wage jobs. I will continue the work of the council in improving our drinking water. I will work with our parks department to ensure that our greenspaces are protected and maintained. Keeping Longview beautiful and safe is my top priority.

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